Recruitment of finishing work professionals from Ukraine
Recruitment and support
of certified finishing work professionals from Ukraine
for your building site in Europe
  • Evaluation and advanced training of qualified professionals by our own Technical Center.
  • Daily updates of our database of professionals. We also offer the possibility of rapid recruitment.
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Two-step evaluation and qualification assurance of our experts

All candidates undergo a two-step testing and evaluation process by our Technical Center

Step 1.

Interview with our Chief of HR Officer

Criminal background check and solicitation of a letter of reference from the previous employer.

Step 2.

Evaluation of the candidate’s practical and theoretical knowledge

The candidate is given a practical assignment
and their knowledge of materials is assessed
by the head of our Technical Center.

In case of an unsuccessful completion of the evaluation, the candidate receives additional training from our technical training center and undergoes a second evaluation.
Following a successful evaluation, the expert is added to our database of professionals to be recommended to our European partners.

The skills we evaluate in each professional

A painter/paint machine operator should be able to:
  • Apply crack filler using a machine and/or manually.
  • Finish drywall seams and joints using a machine and/or manually.
  • Install plastic and tough tape corner beading.
  • Use a grinding machine.
  • Apply paint using an airless paint sprayer.
  • Know the properties and characteristics of different materials
    and know the order of processes involved.
  • Correctly operate and maintain the equipment and instruments.
A tiler should be able to:
  • Lay tiles on horizontal and vertical surfaces using a levelling system.
  • Perform straight and curved cuts using a tile cutting machine.
  • Tile outside corners with a 45 degree tile cut.
  • Correctly drill openings for technological fittings.
  • Apply cement and epoxy grout.
  • Know the properties and characteristics of different materials.
A facade specialist should be able to:
  • Install thermal insulation (expanded polystyrene or mineral wool).
  • Apply a decorative facade finish (scrapped, sand faced, etc.).
A drywall installer should be able to:
  • Cut drywall for straight and curved structures.
  • Mill drywall to create outside corners and curved shape.s
  • Install metal profiles, in accordance with Knauf’s requirements.
A plasterer should be able to:
  • Install screeds and outside corners using a laser level.
  • Obtain accurate geometrical shapes when plastering walls.
  • Plaster a surface using a plastering pump.
  • Correctly operate and maintain the plastering pump.

A secure collaborative process,
with payment due after the candidate arrives on the job


Service request

Submit a request indicating the desired services and the number of workers.
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Selecting the professionals

Establishing the terms of the job. Selecting workers from a database of candidates who successfully completed the evaluation process and received their certification.

Approval of the professionals by the employer

On the basis of detailed information about the candidate:
resume, completed projects, evaluation results
and criminal background.


Signing the cooperation agreement with the employer and the contract with the professionals.
Preparing travel documents.

Start of the job on site

On the desired date, the selected candidates will begin their work on your building site.

Payment for services
and further communication

Payment is due 14 days after the selected candidate arrives on the job. We offer further support, with weekly monitoring and an open line of communication with the worker as well as the employer.

About our company

HR-BauMaster is Ukraine’s first recruitment agency that offers
a wide selection of construction workers, tests their professional abilities and provides advanced training.

We exclusively collaborate with finishing work professionals:

  • Painters (using paint machines)
  • Plasterers
  • Tile setters
  • Drywall construction installers
  • Facade specialists

Since 2014, we have operated as a construction contracting company and conducted hundreds of interviews for our staffing needs.

During that time, we have built a database of over 1500 professionals and developed effective algorithms in selecting and hiring the best finishing work experts.

Our main advantages:

Technical skill
Each candidate is evaluated by our technical director.
Selection time period
If necessary, we will facilitate the urgent arrival of the candidate on site.
Criminal background check
Each candidate is thoroughly checked by our Chief of HR Officer.

We are a team of recruitment experts specialising in the construction industry, with a six year work experience

We know exactly how to check and what to pay attention to when selecting construction work specialists

Денис Букин
Denis Bukin
Project manager
Роман Красношапко
Roman Krasnoshapko
Customer service specialist
Алёна Засуха
Alena Zasukha
HR manager
Павел Стягайло
Pavel Styagaylo
Technical specialist
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